yes someone wanted meukat o u o

yes someone wanted meukat o u o



what do you call a scene girl’s haircut?

a six sided dye

i have over 100 requests and most of them are katnep and jadekat

i’m only doing 1 drawing per ship so hang with me



"Kankri, what’s fire?""It’s the stuff that lights your way, silly!""Ohhh, will it hurt you?""Psh. Good things won’t hurt you. That’s what mama says.""So fire is good!""Of course, it keeps us together right?""Yeah!"

cry me a river

"Kankri, what’s fire?"
"It’s the stuff that lights your way, silly!"
"Ohhh, will it hurt you?"
"Psh. Good things won’t hurt you. That’s what mama says."
"So fire is good!"
"Of course, it keeps us together right?"

cry me a river

Why'd you take down your old katnep stuff?

I honestly got tired with it. Because I was irritated by the style and I just didn’t like how it was presented on my blog. I have a thing with keeping things organized and things places together, so I had a problem with how it looked on my blog? But that was a small portion of the problem.
Mainly I felt like I could do better. I wanted more character in my drawings, especially in nepeta, because she is so much more than the cute little innocent/naive kitty troll girl everyone makes her out to be. I wanted people to view her as badass and could slaughter you with a whip of her tail, and still be gentle and loving and funny. Canonically, she’s got quite a sense of humor if you’ve ever read through her logs. I wanted that personality merged into my drawings; and frankly, she still acted like fanon nepeta or she was off character in my opinion. I wasn’t going to have that.
Of course everything was deleted with the rest of my blog (that’s a whole other story I rather not get into), and I was thinking about keeping my art but egh. No. I wanted a new start and this time I can try harder to get those character traits in her across. I want people to realize what nep’s really all about here. That’s why I draw her solo most if the time.
So yeah, long response, felt like this question needed it


Message me your Homestuck OTP and I’ll draw it for you!!! u v u


Thank you so much for what you do!

Awwww thank YOU for being supportive ; v ;

omg thank you i love you !also, any chance that we can see your old katnep art again?

It’s around somewhere on tumblr but I’ll make a photoset of the most popular katnep art I have!!!