Haha, nah. People just innocently misunderstood. I got no hard feelings. Next time I’ll explain more clearly instead of just announcing things - no ones fault for being confused. 

you should look into a book called “Why dont I do the things I know are good for me?” by BJ Gallagher. My psych professor recommended it to me when I was in a slump and i think itll help whenever you feel blah. Love your blog btw <3

Bookmarked it! It seems like an interesting book. Thank you for recommending, and thank you for the compliment!!! <3

Literally the first thing on your about page is that you like homestuck why are you surprised people think you are? Why put that on there if you unfollow people and don't want it on ur dash?? What? Are you serious?

1: There is an explanation! That being: I haven’t updated my about page and 2: For the past week I’ve started to lose interest and today I just confirmed I have less interest in Homestuck than I did before! Why are you surprised when people change their minds?
2: See 1.
3: I don’t understand why people are mad because I want to be interested in something else.
4: Yes I’m completely serious.

Also did you catch the less interested? Not not interested? This is why English class is important!

Oh, and I failed to state that the reason why I don’t want to see Homestuck on my dash is because of the updates and the expected flooding of Homestuck art. Apologies! If you didn’t catch in my other anon message, I only care about two of the characters, not the comic. It’s like, When people are fans of SNK and Madoka Magica but SNK being an anime they used to like and only care about the characters in the end, but dislike the story, so they don’t claim they’re in the SNK fandom, just a mild fan. That’s what it’s like with me, I’ve lost interest in the story and I don’t want to be bothered with it. Once in a while, sure. Just not now. Maybe in the future. I kind of just want to move on. 

I don’t know why this has to be an argument. Just let people like what they like. Jeez.

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i also love all three things!

This took a better turn than I expected!

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lol all three of those things are bad

Says the person with an Aradia sidebar!

I'm really sorry but when you say 'I'm a furry first' I just imagine like a campaign commercial for a politician, just sitting in a lounge, sipping fine scotch, like, 'I'm just an average person. I'm a furry first, and a politician second.' Sorry this is weird I just found it really funny

Hahaha no need to apologize, probs something I’d do anyway

Iiii thought your icon was nepeta?

My icon is a deer furry. Here’s the full view. 

ur hamsuck

I like Homestuck as a secondary fandom, or in this case… more like a third. I’m a furry at the most and a Skyrim nerd second. I don’t. Care. About Homestuck. I like what… two of the characters? But for the comic itself, I don’t… want to be apart of it. Sorry.  

ur homesuck


I don't mean to bring up past issues but I thought you said you disliked Katnep, and you didn't really want to post it anymore. :o Sorry if this question seems silly.

Haha yeah. I don’t like it. Unfortunately I don’t have the patience to dig through my queue and delete them. Everything on my blog is queued, so I sort of have no control over what is going to be posted on my blog the next day… Sorry for the confusion.